"preparing God's people
for works of service,
so that the body of Christ
may be built up..."
The ministry of Grace Global Partners is a process which takes place in each class, through each lesson, as each servant of Christ is trained for ministry. On a Saturday in May, church families and friends gathered in Punjab India to celebrate the graduation of thirty pastors, evangelists and ministry leaders. Their graduation brings to seventy-one the ministers of the gospel who have been trained in our GGP Bible Training Centre courses since 2011.
During one of my times teaching our BTCP classes, some students shared how the Lord has been transforming their lives and ministries through the BTCP training. Many of these pastors and evangelists have no affiliation with any specific denomination or missionary organization. They just once encountered the power of God in their lives and the Lord saved them and their families. Many are unable to pastor full-time so must also do odd jobs or small businesses. Yet they are full of enthusiasm and fervor to preach the gospel to the lost in their villages and regions. These servants of God proclaim the gospel in such a context. We are a vital part of what God is doing through them.

Pastor Uttam

I have been doing ministry in a remote area of India.   When I learned of BTCP classes
Part of the ministry of Grace Global Partners is to provide supplemental financial support for some of our BTCP graduating pastors. These men continue to meet each month for worship and prayer.  They share their thankfulness to the Lord for how He has been working. All have special blessings as well as difficulties they face in serving Christ. They continue to see benefits of the BTCP training they received.
Pastor Stephen

I know we have learned so much studying BTCP program within this two year course.
I have a good friend, who is studying at seminary in south India. He
Mission Update

Thank You for your Prayer and Financial Support!
We are so grateful for each one who has partnered with us
in serving Christ in this ministry.

We ask for your continued prayers…
• Pray for classes as they grow in knowing, living and teaching the Word of God.

• Pray for these pastors and churches which have so little yet are big in faith and life for Jesus.

• Pray for increased prayer and financial support for the ministry of Grace Global Partners.
We are thankful for the partnership of those who stand with us in the vital ministry of equipping pastors and their churches in serving our Lord Jesus Christ around the world.  We do this together for His glory!
As keynote speaker for the graduation, I asked those in attendance “Why is this training so important?  Of what real value are the hundreds of hours of instruction and study, and thousands of rupees invested to come to this completion?”  The preparation of these ministry leaders is important because the ministry to which they are called is important. In the book of Ephesians (4:11-14) we are told that God gave to the church “…evangelists, pastors and teachers, to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.”  Very simply, well prepared leaders go on to prepare the church to minister – sharing the good news of Christ and ministering Christ in the church and community.  By this the work of God is accomplished in His Church, in the world, and in this place in India. This is the purpose for which GGP and BTCP serve you. Jai Masih ki! (Praise be to Christ!)
has attained a Bachelor of Theology degree and is currently studying toward Master of Divinity degree. In our discussions together he has said “Stephen, in your two years of BTCP training, I believe you have gained more knowledge and skills than what I have gained in my five years at seminary.” Because of my BTCP course training, now in my church there is growth in number of people, growth in offerings and most importantly spiritually growing.

I am thankful for Lord Jesus doing a mighty work through this Bible Training Centre training we are now completing.
Pastors Meet for Support and Prayer
Indian Director Sunil
Bible Training Center Graduation 2018
beginning in our region, our Lord led me to join this training program. The class is more than 150 kilometers (95 miles) from my place of ministry. For attending two classes a month, I must spend much money towards travel.  Since
joining the class, the Lord has used it to transform my life and ministry. I have gained so much understanding which I had never known before. Beginning with the first course and throughout, I have gained a solid direction to my ministry and greatly inproved my preaching skills. I began to see spiritual growth in myself and my church members. When I travel to remote places and preach,
people now listen to my preaching very attentively. I am blessed to be part of this training program. I am so grateful to God for providing me this opportunity to learn His Word through the training of the BTCP classes.  In April, I missed one class, but God helped me to catch up by attending class in a different location and date. Because I feel that missing even one class is like missing a wealth of valuable knowledge of God’s Word. I am very grateful for our instructor, Grace Global Partners and all the sponsors of this training project. I believe by gaining knowledge and improving our skills in these BTCP courses, we can impact our community and in fact, our whole state for the glory of God.

        All praise be to Jesus!
        Pastor Uttam

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always offering prayer
with joy in my every prayer for you all, in view of your participation in
the gospel from the first day until now.” - Philippians 1:3-5